30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

“It takes a mean person to know a mean person” is a very popular comeback that many people use when they are being called mean.

But this has not only gotten cliché, but it also creates room for another brutalizing comeback from the other person.

If someone calls you mean, in most situations, they perceive you to be unkind to people, especially by not allowing them to do something or when you love to see others fail. This may or may not be your personality. But who are they to judge you?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

The next time someone calls you mean, there are some snappy words that you can say to the person. Some are lame, but in this article, I have filtered and gathered the ones that are sharper than two-edged swords.

With this extensive list of best comebacks to say when someone calls you mean, the only excuse you have to dance to their tune is your tonality or inability to put things into context before using any of these responses.

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List of The 30 Best Comebacks to When You’re Called Mean

You may not have pulled someone’s chair out right before they sat down so that they are laughed at as they fall on the floor. You may not have a base and nasty attitude, you may not even have a malevolent disposition.

But many other things can make people outrightly call you mean. Here are very impressive responses you can give back without hesitating:

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

1.  Arithmetic or Geometric? Do I match your Average Expectation?

It is a disservice to their thinking faculty if they cannot relate to your response, creating room for further striking.

But if they realize the context, then this response would give the impression that you don’t care about being mean or not and so they should worry about other things like solving maths.

2. Are you agitated and confused? My work here is done!

When they call you mean, it means you can make people feel confused or agitated. Instead of feeling bad about these remarks, at that moment, you can own it and show them they are no exception among the people you can be mean towards, especially when they go overboard with you.

3. Hey, I don’t sugarcoat anything. I’m not a bakery.

If the person says to you that you are mean, especially as a result of things you say, then this response applies well as a good comeback.

Meanwhile, it also serves as an explanation for why you might have sounded mean with your choice of words. Remind them that your intentions are purely to say the truth and nothing more.

4. Everyone brings happiness to a room. Some when they enter, some when they leave.

It is a no-brainer that proverbs and witty sayings contribute a large part to some of the best comebacks in the world. This is an example of the wise saying you can reply to someone when they call you mean.

You don’t need too many words to explain that the person’s remark about you is proof that they are not welcome in that gathering at the time.

5. I don’t know how to say this nicely, so I won’t

In the context of being mean, the person can also expect to get a meaningful response after calling you mean.

He or she was bold enough to call you mean, now, you can choose to cough out the meanest words you can say, or you can give this response to make them retreat.

6.  If by rude you mean not taking your sh*t, then yes, I am rude.

People get mean for different reasons. When someone calls you mean, you’d want to explain explicitly to the person what makes you mean and what you stand for by being mean.

You don’t need too many words to explain this, and you don’t have to be too nice about it.

7. This conversation is over

Calling a conversation means that the most important things have been discussed already. Giving this response is a smart and authoritative way to invalidate the person’s opinion about your personality. And yes, you walk away after saying this.

8. And here is the pot calling the kettle black.

The person pointing a finger at you and calling you might need to be reminded that he or she has got three other fingers pointing back at them.

9. Kindly get some discipline, and then speak to me.

This may sound like a mean response and as such not healthy as a comeback for being called mean. But who cares when you are called mean in the wrong manner and over the wrong situation?

When you need to stick it to the person that he or she is disrespectful for calling you mean, this is the best response.

10. Please rephrase that, it would make you wiser.

By using this comeback, you are unleashing the meaner part of the mean you are being called, but for a good reason.

If the person calls you mean and there is a pure indication that you don’t deserve such a remark, then tell the person he or she is unwise for saying so, but constructively.

11. Don’t go there with me.

Watch the person retreat with tails between legs once you give this as the immediate response to being called mean.

With this response, you are owning the character and giving a sound warning that things could go beyond the mere exchange of words.

12. Your rudeness isn’t helping me or you

Another comeback you can tell the person after he or she must have called you a mean person is to tell the person that the shoe also fits him or her.

The fact that you haven’t told the person how mean they are all these while should not serve as clearance for them to do so to you.

13. Luck found you today that I’m not in the mood, I’d have been meaner

The best comebacks for being called mean are best expressed when you can own the remark and take advantage of what you are being called to intimidate the person you called you mean. That’s exactly what this particular response is about.

14. I’m not rude. I just speak what everyone else is thinking

Aside from trying to give comebacks, one of the natural things people do when they are called mean is to explain why they did what they did that made someone call them to mean.

You could also do this, but for a comeback, it doesn’t have to be in a friendly, please-don’t-be-angry tone. Switch the vibe up!

15. Don’t get bitter, just get better

Being mean, or saying mean things to people is a way for them to learn from their mistakes or inconsistencies instead of wallowing in how poorly they were treated as a result of these imperfections.

You can hammer on this as your comeback by giving this response.

16. Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither

Whatever has made you go online to search for the best comeback for when someone called you mean, then it means you don’t give a shit about people’s opinions about you and so certain words or phrases would be handy to invalidate their remark about you.

So remind them that you never asked for their opinion concerning your attitude.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

17. Tough times don’t last, tough people, do

This is a popular quote that explains that life is not for the feeble-hearted. By being mean, it is an indication that you are certainly not chicken-hearted.

This is a good attribute. So while the person is trying to make you see the bad side of your decision, bring out this angle.

18. What did you just say to me?

This question needs no introduction as far as best comebacks are concerned. When you insult people or say things to them that they don’t like, they would naturally ask this question.

Meanwhile, the person would naturally know that you are not asking this because you did not get it the first time. You are asking because you are about to retaliate in a way that the person may not be expecting.

19. I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong

A technical way of saying someone’s opinion about you is wrong. They are simply wrong for calling you mean. They need more time to understand your personality. That’s the message this comeback sends to those who call you mean.

20. I Googled “who gives a f*ck” but my name wasn’t in the search results

We all know that google has the answer to almost everything about life. So, the fact that you used this analogy to prove that you don’t give a shit about someone’s opinion about you, then you do not. (you don’t necessarily have to go to google to make this comeback true).

21. I may be mean, but at least I’m not you

Everyone is different. Your strength may be another man’s weakness. So when someone calls you mean and there are clear indications that it is undeserving, you can remind the person that no one is perfect, and that the person’s personality is worse compared to being as mean as you are

22. Be careful around the fire, plastic melts

This is a witty quote. It is also an alternative way of saying tough men last longer. And if you are truly as mean as the person says you are, then the person has no place contending with you on any ground.

23. I’m 97% sure you don’t like me, I’m 100% sure I don’t care

There are many ways to express that you do not give a shit about people’s opinions about you – mean or not mean. This is one of the best ways.

24. You are not Google. You don’t know everything

The person might have called you mean based on what he or she sees or hears at that moment. You are reminding the person to always think rationally before concluding any matter.

25. When you judge another, it doesn’t define them. It defines who you are.

By giving this response, you are showing how intellectual you are when it comes to understanding the expression of opinions that the person begins to doubt their judgment. It is a smart way to insult them, not you.

26. Since you know it all, you should also know when to shut up.

Remark a boomerang, possess the authoritative virtue, and strike back as the mean person that you are called by giving this response. It works all the time.

27. Don’t judge my path if you haven’t walked my journey

You were able to take control of a situation but the only way you could have done that was to be mean towards some set of persons.

Now, someone is calling you mean. He or she has no idea why you were mean. School them with this cold response.

28. There are better ways to compliment

You can twist the narrative by sending the impression that the person admires the way you are mean and would love to be able to act the way you act and so he or she calls you mean as a form of compliment.

29. I’m action-oriented

The choice of words can change the context of personality description. If by mean, the person means you do a thing to humiliate people because you want things to be done, then rather use the word action-oriented to correct the person instantly.

30. And you’re mean enough to say that

Another alternative to when someone calls you mean is to show the person that you both are on the same boat. Yes, he is mean enough to tell you that you are mean. It is playing with words but it also sends meaning.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Finally: Calmness Is a Superpower

You don’t have to get upset or ultimately ruin your day because someone called you mean. If you do not regret the intention behind the person saying that to you, then keep in mind that your superpower relies on how calm you can remain even amid the storm.

The best comebacks for this situation are best communicated when you are calm and less concerned about people’s opinions over your actions or inactions.

After replying with these ideal comebacks, you will be doing yourself a lot good if you let it go and continue to enjoy your day.

I’d have said “Stay Mean”  but I don’t encourage wickedness. Hahahaha.

What other impressive comebacks do you think would make this list? Feel free to share in the comments.

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