Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Liar

Being called a liar is one of the most insulting things that p. You might just be having a conversation with your friends or parents, or even colleagues and someone rushes up to you and calls you a liar.  

The shock and confusion that would pass through your whole features wouldn’t stop you from being pained especially when you are saying the truth

In some cases, the best approach is to simply ignore the insult and move on. However, there are also times when it may be necessary to stand up for yourself.

If you’re faced with this accusation, it’s important to stay calm and respond in a way that will diffuse the situation.

Here are some good comebacks that you can use the next time someone calls you a liar:

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Liar

“I’m Not Certain What You’re Trying To Achieve By Calling Me A Liar.”

Imagine that you are having a hangout with your friends and you all are having fun, then you start to tell them something that happened or you are giving your own side of a story, then one of your friends just interrupts and calls you a liar outrightly.  You would be taken aback and confused.  This is why this statement is perfect. This might make him/her apologize.

 “I Understand That You’re Upset, But Please Don’t Call Me Names.”

When someone calls you a liar,  you might be angry especially because you are not lying. But rather than getting angry over it, just try to be calm.  If you and the person start exchanging vile words, it would make you look childish and immature. Just kindly tell the person not to skip calling you  Liar. 

Make your stand known.  What most people hate is to be called trash names.  Names that even their parents wouldn’t call them.  So let the person know that you wouldn’t tolerate that. 

“It Seems To Me Like You’re The One Who’s Feeling Dishonest, And Not Me.”

Most people prefer to use other people to cover up what he/she has done, thereby accusing you.  It would be wonderful if you could turn tables on the person, so that the person would actually feel the hurt and pain that you felt. Simply tell the person that he/she is the one who is feeling dishonest rather than you.

“I’ll Be Happy To Discuss This With You Later, But Right Now I Think We Both Need To Calm Down.”

Two wrongs would never make any right. Someone calls you a liar and the atmosphere becomes charged immediately because being called a liar is a weighty accusation. So, calm yourself down first.  You can’t remain angry and continue shouting. You have to remove the log in your own eyes first. 

So calm down and calm the person who accused you of being a liar. You can’t make any meaningful discussion or conversation when you or the other party is angry. 

“I’m Sorry If You Feel That Way.”

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Liar

Some people would never look for facts before jumping into conclusions. They would just assume anything about you and they won’t admit that they made an assumption,  thereby making it hard for anyone to correct them.

  So in this case , just tell him/her that you are sorry. Not sorry for telling the truth but sorry that they feel quite insecure because of what you said and that’s so sad. 

“Just Because I Don’t Agree With You, Doesn’t Mean I’m Lying.”

It is easy to term disagreement as lying sometimes. Just because you and someone argue over a matter and don’t agree, the person might just call you a liar, not that they really mean it in a bad way.  They just want you to agree with them. Some people don’t know how to deal with disagreements. 

Just make it clear to them that it’s not every time you must agree with them.  Calling you a liar won’t stop you from still disagreeing with them. 

“Maybe You’re The Liar.”

Take a deep breath and just suggest that the person is the liar between both of you. If the person wants to start to result to violence or insult, remind the person that you didn’t accuse him/her, you just suggested and besides the person was the one who started the whole statement. 

“Are You Calling Me A Liar, Or Are You Trying To Say That You Don’t Believe Me?”

This particular comeback is very tricky. It puts anyone calling you a liar in an unsure position. When you say you are calling me a liar or you don’t just believe me, with a shocked or pained expression, the person that accused you would either say sorry or might bolt out. No one wants to be in a difficult position like this.

“Why Do You Always Assume That I’m Lying?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Liar

This statement shows that the person accusing you of being a liar, has been doing it for a while and actually did it again. It definitely means that the person doesn’t trust you any bit. 

However, if he or she still doesn’t believe that you are telling the truth,  ask him or her why it is assumed that you are lying. Who knows, you might just get some offhanded information 

“We Certainly Do Have Different Definitions Of The Word ‘Lie’”

Personally, I love this comeback so much. As human beings, we all have our different definitions of situations, sentences and let’s just say, everything  and because of this, we only have to tolerate others’ idea of how they see things.

So when someone accuses you of lying, perhaps they have a different meaning of liar and maybe you also have your definitions. 

“That Sounds More Like An Opinion Than A Fact.”

When someone calls you a liar,  it’s more of a statement than a question.  More of an opinion than a fact.  People would always have something to say about you, even if you try to be good in everything.

Just note that people will always talk.  So when someone calls you a liar,  that’s just one person out of the millions of people in the world.  It’s just one opinion not a fact. 

“If I Am Lying, Why Would I Bother Denying It?”

This comeback says it all.  If you are a person of integrity and someone calls you a liar, it’s actually what you would laugh about, because you know you aren’t.  

If you are lying, you wouldn’t have the time to deny anything but if you are telling the truth, you have facts and witnesses to show that you are telling the truth. So do me a favor and say this comeback anytime someone calls you a liar. 

“It’s Not My Fault You Can’t Believe The Facts.”

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Liar

This is another lovely and wonderful statement, one that would get someone thinking and at the same time shut someone up. Because you have said everything and the person says you are a liar. 

Remember that facts are always correct. So you adjust saying the person is too low in his or her intelligence quotient to believe or understand facts. Simple as that.

“You’re Just Upset Because The Truth Hurts.”

Sometimes, I rather say that it’s too stressful to start exchanging words when someone calls you a liar.  Just know that your voice is worth more but just drop this statement and walk away.  I bet it would leave their mouths hanging. 

The truth hurts and it hurts to be told . The immediate reaction to hearing the truth is anger.  So when someone says you are a liar, tell him/her that you know that the truth hurts and. There’s no need to sugarcoat it. 

“I May Be A Lot Of Things, But I Am Certainly Not A Liar”

No one is perfect. We all have personal demons that we have to battle with day by day.  So when someone calls you a liar, let the person know that you aren’t perfect but you don’t lie, simple and plain.

“Does It Look Like I Would Say It To Your Face?”

In a situation where you are with people and someone calls you a liar, if you are an emotional person, you might have teary eyes and might actually cry. 

Wait a minute, just use your teary eyes as an advantage while saying this comeback. It would make the person who accused you feel mighty guilty. 

“Do You Think That Repeating Something Over And Over Again Makes It True?”

There’s something about the power of repetition that is so wonderful. When you say something over and over again, it just sticks. So use this power of repetition to your advantage.

When someone calls you a liar and you drop this comeback, it would make the person feel stupid,  giving you the upper hand that you deserve.

“Can’t You See That Your Nose Is Growing Longer.”

Sarcasm is shouting here.  Do you know the fictional character whose nose grows long anytime he lies.  You remember right?. 

This statement just indirectly calls the person that accused you a liar too.  It might take a few seconds for the person to figure it out but when he or she does, I bet they won’t utter a word anymore 

“Is That What You Got From That?” 

Imagine that you are narrating an ordeal to your friends for up to half an hour and someone just calls you a liar. Pained or not, you might want to turn tables. 

Just ask the person this question. The person would melt in shame because he or she wasn’t really paying attention

Before anything, remember to say this in an accusing tone,  it would surely confuse the person too. 

“You Are Spewing Nonsense.” 

Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Liar

No time for pouting or crying. Put the person perfectly where he or she belongs. Instead of just plain walking away or silence. Just give the person a piece of his or her cake. Let the person know that he or she chose a bad day to step on your beautiful toes. 

“I’d Shut Up If I Were You.”

It’s not hard to talk but it’s best when you know when to keep shut. When someone starts rambling on about you being a liar and all,  you might not say anything but once it’s eating up all your patience, you would just snap and the perfect comeback might just be these six words.

“Is That All?”

A perfect pout and a pair of puppy eyes would go with this statement for it to be wonderful. The look might fool the person but it’s sarcasm all the same.

Once you ask this question, the person might not have words to say and even if he or she does and continues talking,  the person would realize that you were fooling around.

“If You Say So.”

When someone says you are a liar and you just say this so sweetly like a little child. There’s this weight of uncertainty within the person’s head.

The person would try to get the angle that you are speaking from.  Whether you are angry and trying to mask it or you are calm, which you shouldn’t be

“Okay Captain.”

This comeback is too weird and unconventional.  Someone calls you a liar and you say okay captain. The person who even accused you would actually blink and make sure he or she heard right. This comeback, though weird, is actually very good.  

Instead of you talking much, just say okay.  Let him or her believe whatever,  you know that you are not a liar so you just decide not to waste your God’s given saliva on someone who doesn’t even know you.


You might be speechless when someone calls you a liar because it would not be what you expect. Take a deep breath and relax. You’ve everything under control and you can choose to either reply to the person or not. 

So, the next time someone calls you a liar, respond with one of these comebacks.


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