30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

When someone calls you sassy, you can overlook them, but in order to justify your actions or respond to them, you shouldn’t act like a dummy.

Although someone can call you sassy for a couple of reasons, especially when they admire your style and composure.

In that case, you’ll need to respond to someone calling you sassy according to their intentions and your perception; if you’re stuck for ideas, keep reading because this article explains 30 sassy comebacks.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

30 Great Sassy Comebacks

There are quite a number of comebacks to someone who calls you sassy. You can say, “I agree with you; only intellectually sound people are permitted in my team,” or you can ask, “I hope you can cope with my strict principles?”

Also, “I am not jobless. My comical attitude is intentional.” is also a nice remark to someone who calls you sassy. Underneath are some more sassy Comebacks.

I Agree With You. You Are Also An Intellectually Sound Team Member

When you display wit over and over again among a group of people, or when you add valuable comments to your team, someone can confess that your words of wisdom are worthy of recognition by calling you sassy. In regards to that, you can compliment them in return by saying they are also intellectually sound people or witty contributors.

I Hope You Can Cope With My Strict Principles?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Someone can call you sassy because they love how you compose yourself and desire to draw closer. They may admit directly to you that they want to become your disciple.

If this happens, you can tell them that you have a sound mind because of the diligence you put into your business.

And if they truly want to get along, they need to be disciplined as well. In this situation, your sassy comeback should be, “I hope you can cope with my strict principles.”

I’m Not So Jobless. My Comical Attitude Is Intentional

Someone can call you sassy when they notice that you are comical. Nevertheless, being a jovial person does not make you a jobless person, as others may think.

It could be a natural gift, something you’ve learned over time, or simply something you love to practice. When you notice that someone calls you sassy because they feel you don’t spend your time on something worthwhile, you can say, “I’m not so jobless.

My comical attitude is intentional.”

You Can Do More If You Get Focused

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

In a bid to praise your efforts, a colleague or acquaintance of yours could refer to you as sassy. When this happens, you can say a word of advice after acknowledging their compliment.

You can say, “You can do more if you get focused.” This will prompt their quest to get better if they have any. This remark is suitable for someone who aspires to get better and is wholeheartedly proud of their achievements.

Just Like Me, You Mustn’t Act Like Others The Rest Of The Time

Because of your uniqueness, someone may be attracted to you. Maybe you speak differently or you attend to people in a more polite way than other people.

These and more can make someone attracted to you. And at this point, they may call you sassy. If that happens, your response can be, “just like me, you mustn’t act like the rest”.

I Also Fancy You, But I Don’t Know If We Should Go On A Date

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Even though someone likes you, that shouldn’t be enough reason to accept a date proposal from them. Also, if you are upset with someone or don’t want to make up with them, you can say exactly how you feel to them.

This can surprise them to the extent that they may call you sassy. When you are no longer upset or when you apologise, you can say, “I also fancy you, but I don’t know if we should go on a date.” This remark is kind of mild since it is not dictatorial.

I’m Glad You Love My Vibes

As a lively person, get ready to encounter people who don’t like you as well as those who do. This can make you overly conscious of your every move so you don’t annoy or offend a conservative person.

The truth is, at one point or another, you may act without pretense and try to withdraw when someone calls you sassy. If their non-verbal cues seem cool, you can say, “I’m glad you love my vibes” when they compliment you nicely.

Your Resilience Also Amazes Me

It is beautiful to get nice comments from someone who always encourages you. After your performance or the execution of your endeavor, they may be astonished at the outcome, especially if there are a lot of challenges in that regard.

Because of this, they may call you sassy to encourage your bravery.

Such A Wonderful Compliment. I Will Do My Best

Giving thanks when someone gives you a compliment puts a heavier expectation on you to do better if you have another opportunity to.

When someone calls you sassy in recognition of your smartness, you can say, “I will do my best” after thanking them. This is most applicable when you find yourself in a tough situation and they advise you to face your fears.

Oh, I Thought You Found Me Strange

An introvert could call you sassy if they are not comfortable with the way you try to drive boredom and bring everyone together. As you try to chase away boredom, you may be in doubt as to whether or not an introvert would be interested or offended.

When you get to know that their intentions were positive, you can say, “Oh, I thought you found me strange.

I Want You to Challenge Yourself Too

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

A lot of people admire witty people but are not ready to pay the price to get to that height. Such people may call you sassy because of your wit.

When you recognize such people, you can say, “I want you to challenge yourself too,” with the knowledge that they really haven’t put in as much effort as they should.

You Can Accompany Me to the Carnival If You Want

An energetic person like you can be called sassy because of your high spirits. If a person calls you sassy because they love your performance or your social lifestyle, you can draw them closer by taking them to the events you perform at or the social gatherings you attend.

Yes, I Express Myself In A Unique Manner

You can boldly affirm that you express yourself in a unique manner when someone calls you sassy. Especially in cases where they feel you act differently or express yourself in a way that is unlike others.

So, at any point when you are referred to as sassy, your remark should be, “Yes, I express myself in a unique manner.”

It Is A Pleasure To Entertain Your Guests

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Someone who is impressed by your performance can call you sassy. Also, it is possible that someone calls you sassy because you are fearless.

If that happens, you should be proud of yourself and grow more confident in your ability. You can also tell them how excited you are to entertain their guests with your rare ability.

Many Thanks! I am inspired

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Calling you sassy could be very inspiring, especially if it’s on a positive note. So, when someone calls you sassy because you are so knowledgeable in a specific field, you ought to acknowledge that comment and save it for the rainy days when you feel weary or tired.

I Could Only Do Well Because I Had a Platform

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Frankly, you can do so well if your abilities are well nurtured and you’ve got a platform. It is no news that people who give others platforms to get better encourage them in one way or another.

If that implies you too, they can go to the extent of calling you sassy. If that happens, you can go as far as saying, “I could only do well because I had a platform.”

I’m A Great Student Of Yours

If someone who calls you sassy is someone you admire or aspire to be like, you can simply say, “I’m a great student of yours.”

This will let them know that you are also doing so well behind the scenes and that you recognize their efforts as much as you recognize yours.

I Would Have Done Much More If I Had More Resources

Sometimes, a lack of resources and no plan for resourcefulness can make people not accomplish as much as they should.

And if someone calls you sassy because they love the manner in which you put in so much work to stand out, you can admit that if you had more resources, you would have done better.

This sassy comeback is also suitable if the commenter is a potential sponsor or can help you gain resources.

I Will Gift You A More Beautiful Dress

Anyone who loves your fashion sense or finds it attractive can call you sassy in that regard.

If you have noticed that they praise your fashion all the time or even call you sassy, you can tell them that on their next birthday you will get a very nice dress for them.

It could be that was the response they had been waiting for and that’s why they call you sassy all the time.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Where You Got This Sweet Idea Of Me

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

It’s amusing to meet someone for the first time and get complimentary messages like “sassy” from them. Maybe someone has told them something nice about you. However, it could be the other way round, or they might have been secret followers.

Anyway, it happens, and you are surprised to get such courtesy from them. You can even ask them where they got their ideas from.

I Love Your Acknowledgement. At Least You Are Not A Narcissist

Narcissists who don’t see anything praiseworthy in others can call you sassy for a mistake you made. And when you see narcissists, you will know them.

This is why if someone flatters you by calling you witty, you ought to tell them how fortunate you feel since their praises are beautiful ones.

Tell Your Company That Their Delivery Was Exceptional

People’s associations can alter their attitudes. If someone sincerely hails your achievements by calling you sassy, you ought to say that their company’s delivery was great too, especially if they are team members or a part of an exceptional group.

Will You Choose To Dress Like Me?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Not everyone who loves your fashion sense wants to dress like you. But because they admire you, they may call you sassy. When you observe this, you could make a tough comment which could be in form of asking a question.

It’s Good That You Expect The Best From Me

Another reason why someone may call you sassy is when they notice your apt skillfulness.

At that point, you should be proud of yourself because people understand what you do and can predict your abilities to a large extent, which is why they named you Sassy. So tell them to keep their hands crossed and expect the best.

I Will Hardly Forget Our First Meeting. But I Won’t Stop Trying To

If someone you find attractive also likes you, they can call you sassy at some point. In that case, you can concede that it is quite difficult for you to forget your first meeting with them.

There Are So Many Wonderful People. I’m Glad You Made Me Realise This

Not everyone who calls you sassy says that with an ulterior motive. It could be that they find you fantastic and, in a bid to express their wonder, they call you sassy.

You can know if they mean what they do by taking a good look at their appearance and observing their non-verbal cues. If they say it with a genuine smile, there is a tendency that they mean it. And your reply should be that they are fantastic.

I’m Not Superman. You Can Be In The Spotlight Too

It is normal to get comments from someone that you are sassy as a result of your prowess. When they see you in the spotlight, their perception of you as sassy may increase too.

In a bid to inspire them, you can admit your weaknesses and encourage them to be in the spotlight too.

Thanks for the honor

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

You should not be shy when someone calls you sassy in honor of your bravery. Simply show your gratitude in response.

Thank You For Tolerating Me All This While

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Sassy

Since not everyone loves to associate with people full of life, if someone calls you sassy because they love your lively nature, then you should appreciate them for their tolerance.

It’s beautiful to hear such nice comments, especially when you didn’t expect it but got a very accommodating gesture. Again, you can say, “Thank you for tolerating me all this time.”

It’s Amusing That You, An Introvert, Would Recommend My Work

It is expected that someone who is introverted isn’t so interested in vigorous activities or often hangs out with spirited people.

So, when a person who often turns inwards calls you sassy, you should express your surprise in response.


There are quite a number of reasons why a person might call you sassy. If someone calls you sassy, your comeback should be based on the situation at hand.

And in this article, a couple of comebacks to someone who calls you sassy have been shared. However, keep in mind that your response must be in the right context. I hope that this article serves as a suitable example of how to respond to someone who calls you sassy.

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