20 Good Comebacks for Someone Spreading Fake News

Propaganda didn’t start existing the moment you were caught up in one of them. Half-truths have been propagated by people for years and to think that this awful act is in a progressive mode is even sad.

Fake news is not airborne or spread from drinking from the same cup as another person. They’re spread and made substantial by people.

Call them insensitive? Well, they are but not until it costs someone’s life and wonders for a more suitable term for them.

However, there’s this inner yearning to say something to anyone who propagates half-truths. You might want to subdue the feeling, but feelings are like volcanoes…they erupt eventually.

I’ve had my fair share of people who delight in networking false information to others and you have to see how well they polish these lies so that people will buy them.

That brings us to the point of sourcing out comebacks to be meted out to someone spreading fake news.

Join me as I give you detailed information on the comebacks for someone spreading fake news.

Best 20 Good Comebacks for Someone Spreading Fake News

You could think of many things to say to someone who spreads fake news, but it could be either too salty or miscalculated.

Therefore, to give you a break from the thought process, I’ve put together an extended list of comebacks for someone who spreads fake news.

Do well to implement any of these comebacks which you choose according to the event of the fake news.

  1. This story is as fake as your eyebrows
  2. I wouldn’t buy that even if you covered it with gold
  3. I thought you were older than this attitude
  4. Researching before propagating won’t lead to your demise
  5. Karma is real, others may spread the news of your death before it even happens
  6. Since your career of spreading fake news, what have you achieved?
  7. Your deceit is more irritating than rashes
  8. Eww, you irritate me with your insensitivity
  9. Don’t bother saying stuff to me again, fake news and lies are your heartthrobs
  10. Can we get to the part where you stop telling me stuff about yourself?
  11. None of your fake news is ever good
  12. Quit being half-minded, just like your half-truths
  13. You should take a course on how to convince people because this is not working
  14. If you’re going to lie, at least wear cologne
  15. I thought producing shit meant for your butts, why’s your mouth doing the job?
  16. If you keep twisting the truth, your life might get twisted
  17. I was meaning to shop for the latest news. Sadly you sell bullshit
  18. Stop confusing your world with fake news
  19. Amnesia can’t possibly catch up with me now, because I don’t remember asking you for half-truths
  20. I bet you ruined your best shot at a radio job, so you took to fake news

The following segments are where I get to explain in detail the meat of this post and also bring perspective into all of these comebacks.

This Story Is as Fake as Your Eyebrows

Fake news is always fake, no matter how you try to twist or bend it. It will eventually surmount to the surface and people will know about it. Just like eyebrows, you cannot conceal fake news.

Although there are people who will buy it due to how it is coated and presented, the end usually brings out its true nature.

This comeback asserts that the person’s fake news is as fake as his or her eyebrows. This line will mean a lot of harm if the person is a woman because of their affinity with their eyebrows.

I Wouldn’t Buy That Even if You Covered It with Gold

Are you in to disappoint whomever it is that spreads fake news? If so, you can use this line to explain to the person why you won’t be able to accept whatever news they have.

This line will inform the person that you are no longer interested in their news which is now perceived as fake.

There’s little savagery in this line, as you emphasize the height of your resistance by implying that even if it were covered in gold, you will not still buy it. What an amazing way of discrediting a half-truth propagator.

I Thought You Were Older Than This Attitude

This should be your go-to comeback if the person who is spreading the fake news is someone you hold in high esteem.

It could be because of the person’s status as an elder, as elders as seen as peacemakers and those who uphold morality.

So it would be both disappointing and disgusting to have such a person as the one spreading fake news.

It means the person is breaching morality and even at their age, they’re still hooked on it. If the person you say this to still has a God-given conscience, they’ll bounce back from the ill act.

Researching Before Propagating Won’t Lead To Your Demise

Some people swallow information hook, line, and sinker without even giving it a thought at doubt.

They believe everything from anyone and see facts even in stories from kids. This may sound exaggerated but there are people like this.

In turn, they ship out this information to others without filtering or at least censoring out complicating details.

In the end, they become propagators of propaganda. They tell people half-truths and when you hear from them, your guts will try to tell on you. These types of individuals are those who this line is meant for.

Karma Is Real, Others May Spread the News of Your Death Before It Even Happens

Some people still doubt the workings of karma. Like how would you put aside a universal law that has been in existence since the inception of the world? Well, the reason for this denial is in a bid to avert responsibility.

When someone overlooks karma and becomes a channel for spreading fake news, life records it for them. Although this rule sounds more theoretical than practical, it happens.

In due time, the tables turn and you’re caught in the same web you’ve been knitting for years. So, you might want to pass this message to someone who spreads fake news and if they have ears, let them hear.

Since Your Career of Spreading Fake News, What Have You Achieved?

Good Comebacks for Someone Spreading Fake News

From my records and findings, there’s absolutely no reward or gain in spreading fake news. Instead, it leads to character defamation and personality ruin occasioned by the serial spread of half-truths.

Unfortunately, some still do not know that they stand to gain nothing from propagating false information.

I formulated this comeback for such people. You should be able to make it stick into their brains that they don’t have anything to show for spreading fake news.

Your Deceit Is More Irritating Than Rashes

Now we’re comparing deceit occasioned by fake news, with rashes which are skin problems. The comparison doesn’t look promising until the catalyst of irritation is presented.

Some months ago, I was hooked on some skin disease and if I tell you it was terrible would be an understatement.

This would be the same effect or feeling you’ll get when you realize that what you’ve been told by someone is nothing but a half-truth.

It is a disgusting moment to find out that someone has been selling to you fake news all this while. So you should not hold back from using this line of a comeback on the person.

Eww, You Irritate Me with Your Insensitivity

Do you know it is very insensitive to propagate or participate in the spread of fake news? This is because the truth of the matter someone always finds their way to the public.

So, if you know that the truth will prevail eventually, what is the essence of trying to hoard it or even twist it at first?

This shows the level of insensitivity and is why you should use this line of a comeback. This line exposits the negligence and insensitivity of the person, and would hopefully give you the break you need.

Don’t Bother Saying Stuff to Me Again, Fake News and Lies Are Your Heartthrobs

Without thinking over it, you’ll have to agree with me that anyone who spreads fake news dines and eats from the same table as liars. They propagate this fake news on the same scale as liars and spread them blindly to people.

You can shade the person with this comeback and make them understand they’re in love with deceit and its sisters, and not a normal person.

Can We Get to the Part Where You Stop Telling Me Stuff About Yourself?

Comebacks are not always meant to sound condescending, so I crafted this one to serve the purpose of keeping the person who has been talking shut.

Although this comeback takes the form of a question, it is rhetoric in its nature which means the person does not have to say anything as a response.

None of Your Fake News Are Ever Good

It is one thing to spread fake news, and it is another thing for the news to be always bad. It shows a certain level of pessimism in the person and translates to mean that he or she is only a pioneer of bad news.

This alone brings more discredit to the person who spreads false information. Therefore, you can capitalize on that to form a good comeback like this one.

Quit Being Half-minded, Just Like Your Half-Truths

It sounds courteous to advise someone who is spreading false because that’s a good thing to do. With this comeback, you’re telling the person to desist from being half-minded.

On the other hand, fake news is more like half-truths. They’re half because there’s no completion in them and they’re equally going to be detrimental to those who receive them.

You Should Take a Course on How to Convince People Because This Is Not Working

It is funny how the following lines of a comeback have been admonishments for someone who is spreading fake news.

The reason behind this is because of the nature of most fake news. They are usually formulated from a place of ignorance. Those who spread this falsehood do those based on ignorance.

That’s why it would be good to throw in comebacks that seek to advise the person on the dangers of spreading fake news. This particular comeback is also fashioned to educate the person, but sarcastically.

If You’re Going to Lie, at Least Wear Cologne

Good Comebacks for Someone Spreading Fake News

With this comeback, we’re making a switch back to savagery and this one captures the essence. If you’re looking for a better way to tell the person who spreads fake news that they have body odor, you might want to adopt this.

You’ll be able to bring doomsday to the person who spreads fake news with this line. This is because it will be an awful experience for you to mention this in public. If you’re also looking for a way to make the person shut up, this is the real deal.

I Thought Producing Shit Meant for Your Butts, Why’s Your Mouth Doing the Job?

Bringing in more of the savage comebacks, by debuting this one that will certainly make people puke if you say this to the person in public. Propagating fake news is bad, while the false news itself is a shitty combination of facts and non-facts.

Using this comeback, you’ll be able to label the fake news as “shit” and also insinuate that the person who spreads them is insensitive.

If You Keep Twisting the Truth, Your Life Might Get Twisted

This comeback is an embodiment of the statement that what goes around, surely comes around. It shows that there’s a chance that if the person continues to twist the truth by spreading falsehood, their life might be at stake at some point.

I Was Meaning to Shop for the Latest News. Sadly You Sell Bullshit

Like I’ve said before; fake news is worthless and as such shouldn’t be entertained at all. You can use this comeback to indicate your disinterest in the continued propagation of lies by receiving fake news from the person.

Stop Confusing Your World with Fake News

Of a truth, he who lies against him or herself. The same thing applies to a person who spreads fake news. Eventually, he or she will realize that they’re rocking their world by engineering the spread of fake news.

Like other comebacks, this one also seeks to admonish the person to desist from their bad way.

Amnesia Can’t Possibly Catch Up With Me Now, Because I Don’t Remember Asking You for Half-Truths

Do you need a less salty way of telling the person who spreads false news that you don’t need them? Then you have this at your disposal. You can employ it to draw the line and inform the propagator that you do not need to hear half-truths.

I Bet You Ruined Your Best Shot at Radio Job, so You Took To Fake News

What other more appealing reason, explains why someone resorts to spreading fake news? It could probably be the depression from not being outstanding in media jobs. Who knows?

This is you rubbing it in the face of the person that their failure is the reason why they’re spreading falsehood. Whether this is right or not, it is an attempt to buy more time for silence from the person, who would possibly now be standing askance.

Final Thoughts

The thought that comebacks should always be condescending is wrong and not well thought out. This post proves this beyond doubt by featuring comebacks that admonish the person who spreads fake news, as well as also those that ridicule them.

I’m convinced your quest has been satisfied and I would love to reiterate the need to have a proper understanding of your circumstance before using any of these comebacks.

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