What Do You Call Someone That Blames Others?

There are many names we can call people who blame others for their own personal mistakes.

Some of these names are idioms and some of them are official English words that are laid down for people like this.

One of the common names you can use to refer to a person who constantly blames others for his or her own mistakes is a “BLAMER”.

You can also call someone who blames another a FRAMER.

In context, the word blamer refers to someone who blames others for his or her own mistake.

We can use “SCAPEGOATER” as well to refer to this kind of people.

What do you call someone who puts the blame on others for their wrongdoings?

A prejudiced person is the right word or name that should be used to refer to this kind of person.

There are people who don’t hesitate to cast judgment on other people, they tend to blame others as quickly as possible and also as soon as someone around them makes a mistake.

They lay blame on people regardless of whether the person did it intentionally or not.

A prejudicial act is when you lay the blame on the victim without proper understanding of the situation and act based on personal interest which is better classified as hate.

What do you call someone who is always blamed for others’ mistakes?

A Scapegoat. This is someone that receives the blame even when they are innocent of whatever they are been accused of.

It is however important to note that regardless of the victim’s status with regards to the crime he or she is being accused of, whether the accused is innocent or not the name for them is Scapegoat.

The definition of a Scapegoat goes to the person who is blamed for the mistakes of both himself/herself or someone else.

Is it good to always blame others?

No, it is not. Personally, I feel there is no form of teaching that encourages the act of blaming someone for an act they didn’t commit.

According to religious teachings, blaming someone wrongfully for the sin or act they didn’t commit is a sin on its own, and with constant practice, you will fall into your own pit.

Let’s check around and see what the world has to say about blaming others for your own mistakes.

According to Nigel Bloomfield;

When a man begins to Blame and gets comfortable with the act, he will gradually lead himself into loneliness and by the time the man realizes it, he must have been the same with nothing to write home about.

It is clear that even the world is against people who blame others wrongfully for something they didn’t do which is why even in the court of law today when you are found to have given a false witness against someone, you will be persecuted.

Blaming others will lead to a constant feeling of insecurity, this feeling comes when you tend to push people away intentionally by blaming them wrongfully just like Nigel Bloomfield said:

What people don’t realize is that when you are fond of being a blamer, you get stuck between what is real and fake, your emotions will be messed up and you will constantly feel upset, angry at every other person for little or no reason at all.

On the other hand, taking the blame when you are wrong will make people respect and love you, it takes courage to admit you are wrong and at fault, and for some people, this is all it takes to be humane, instead of lying on someone and watching them suffer for a crime they didn’t commit.

Reasons why people blame others

Come to think of it, why do people blame others?

Why won’t you just take the blame like a sane person would, what is more important than maintaining a good and righteous relationship with everyone at least?

Sadly, based on my research, I have come to understand that there are people who would rather put the blame on others than take it up themselves.

These kinds of people who are called blamers and in some cases narcissists, have lots of reasons or whatsoever to put the blame on someone else.

There are many reasons why these kinds of people blame others for their own wrongdoings, here are some of the reasons.

  • It is easy to blame others
  • You don’t have to be accountable
  • To feel in power
  • As a cover
  • To avoid being punished
  • To get something out of it
  • To protect your reputation

It is easy to blame others

One of the most common reasons why people blame others is because it is an easy thing to do.

It is very simple to blame others, in fact, research shows that when you are so used to blaming others for your mistake, you tend to do it without even intending to.

You blame every other person for everything that happens around you, whether you intend to blame them or not, this is because for the fact that it is very easy, you are used to it and don’t even know how to take up your blame anymore.

You don’t have to be accountable

The main reason why a lot of people lie these days is to not be accountable for any repercussions.

They want to carry-on on a clean slate, they don’t want anyone pointing the fingers at them so they blame others and watch as innocents pay the price for their own mistakes.

To feel in power

If anything, blaming others kind of feels powerful.

In an interview with a friend, he said:

“When I blame others for what they didn’t do, this is me showing them how powerful and dangerous I can be and I can’t lie, it gives me a feeling of being ever powerful”.

So you see that a lot of people blame others these days for the predator feeling.

As a cover

Most times we blame others as a cover, an attempt to cover up our secret or our shortcomings.

Not to be seen as an imperfect human but rather as an elite who is not capable of making mistakes.

Some people blame others to cover up their dirty secrets, they don’t want to be caught as someone who is caught up in something they are not supposed to be doing in the first place so they blame others to get away with it.

To avoid being punished

We all know the punishment for stealing or kidnapping or stalking, generally involved in some activities we are not supposed to be engaged in, in the first place.

You get jail time, get sentenced to hard labor, or you are even asked to pay a certain amount of money.

The fear of this can make almost anyone put the blame on another person without hesitation.

To get something out of it

Another silly reason that can make someone put the blame on someone else is to get something out of it.

This is common with lovers, jealousy and all, a jealous lover can put the blame on a rival to get that rival out of the way in order to have his/her way with the center of concentration.

To protect your reputation

With all the reasons mentioned here, I personally feel this is the most effective reason that will make anyone not hesitate to put the blame on others.

When you think of the damage accepting this mistake will do to your reputation in a community and a society, this gives you some kind of motivation to carry on with blaming another person.

At that moment, nothing is worth more to you than your allegedly fine reputation, and you will be willing to go the extra mile and take up extra measures to make sure your reputation doesn’t get damaged due to a silly mistake as you would call it, so you put the blame on others.

How to deal with blamers

Every problem has a solution. In this part of the article, I will tell you how to deal with blamers.

The funny thing is sometimes, you might have blamers in your midst and you won’t even know it, you eat and dine with them and probably sleep under the same roof and possibly the same bed with them and they must have made you feel powerless and always at fault when truly you are not!!

Here are some of the few ways you can deal with blamers.

Avoid such people

When you get to always feel at the receiving end of everything, that is a red flag. The best thing to do is to leave, go somewhere you won’t feel less important and worthy.

Have Evidence

Although this is sometimes only necessary when whatever you are being blamed for is very serious and can land you in jail, you should try to get evidence of the actual incidence.

This will prove your innocence and land the real culprit in jail or in the hands of the law.

I am sure there are many other ways you can deal with blamers, you just don’t have to settle for less, you should stand up to your rights and defend your integrity.



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