30 Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

People can laugh at you for quite a number of reasons. It could be that they find you extremely funny, naive, or naughty. Sometimes, it is as a result of hatred, envy, hatred, or in a bid to hurt you.

Being laughed at, on the other hand, is no longer enjoyable. In this scenario, you’ll need to leave them thinking about their actions with your replies.

ou could employ the use of a rhetorical question that taunts them, or better still, return their laughter. In this article, we’ll be looking at 30 comebacks when someone laughs at you.

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30 Comebacks When Someone Laughs At You

Below is a detailed list of thirty comebacks when someone laughs at you, along with a detailed explanation of when you can use each comeback.

What’s Fun?

When someone laughs at you, they are obviously making fun of you. Their expectation is to make you feel absurd about yourself. Possibly because of your looks or thoughts on a particular discussion.

In order to reply to them, you’d want to ask them what exactly they find funny because you find it hard to point it out. This will make them feel like they are being unreasonable.

The Gesture Of Laughing Was Supposed To Be Joyful, But People Like You Have Redefined Its Originality

The first thing you think of when someone laughs is that they are joyful or happy about something. However, many people have redefined this gesture. They grin with their teeth wide open while they have reservations about someone.

Therefore, if this kind of person laughs at you, let them know that because of their laughter at you, it’s no longer safe to think a person is happy when they laugh at you.

Bleh, That’s How You Sound

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

It can be demeaning when someone laughs at you, but it gets even funnier when they do not have a pleasant giggle.

This is a great moment to turn the tide against them by teasing their mode of laughter. Let them know that you would have accepted the backlash only if they sounded better when laughing at you.

Are You Okay?

Laughter is supposed to show merriment, but in a situation where it is used out of proportion, it calls for concern. When someone laughs at you in this regard, show a little concern in your reply while you also ask them if they are okay.


Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

This is you making the same sound they make while laughing at you. It appears to be one of the most shocking comebacks you can ever give to them.

They expect you to feel something is wrong with you when they laugh at you. Keeping quiet will only make them right. Laughing back at them makes it seem like something is actually wrong with them.

I Expected You To Do Better

When someone laughs at you over some discussion you consider sensitive, it can be discouraging. In this case, you need to be sincere about how they made you feel and what you expected.

Have You Seen A Comedian?

It becomes understandable when someone laughs at you because you are somewhat funny or, better still, a comedian.

However, it feels absurd if they laugh at you even when you do not really know how to navigate your way towards being humorous.

Hence, if you do not consider yourself or what you said as funny, ask the person why he laughed at you if he’s seen a comedian or what?

Do You Kiss Your Mom With That Mouth?

If someone is already getting under your skin because they habitually laugh at you, then this is a good comeback you’ll want to try.

If Only Your Company Knew That They Were Employing An Unserious Person, You’d Have Been Seeking My Assistance

In a scenario where someone is laughing at you just to make fun of you because they feel you are way below their current status, you know that their nonchalant behaviour would have prevented them from getting the job.

They pretended and got the job anyway. Hence, you shouldn’t let them taunt you by laughing at you, but rather let them know that they still have a trait capable of taking them back to the trenches.

You’ve Just Seen A Little

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

You can use this comeback in a situation where you are clueless about why they are laughing.

You can also make use of it in a situation where you are actually behaving in a humorous manner. This is to let them know that they’ve seen just a little of whatever it is they find funny.

I Hope Your Future Makes You Happy, Just Like I Make You Grin

You may find out that most people who laugh at others are largely unserious people. They are always meticulous in discovering things they can laugh about when there are more serious things they could talk about.

If they focused their quest for details on something else, they would have a promising future. However, since they decided to limit themselves to laugh at you, let them know that if only they cared for their future, they’d have had more reasons to laugh.

I Wish You Had Laughed This Way When You Saw Your Results In High School

When someone laughs at you, it is possible to make a mockery of you. It does not necessarily mean the behavior was anything serious, which deserved a smile or hard laughter.

In response to these kinds of people, you should let them know that it would be reasonable if they laughed over more important things than mundane things.

How Sad. Only Stupid Things Make You Happy

It feels irritating when someone laughs at you over some unreasonable gesture, which was a mistake. In regard to this, you should let them know that there are better things to consider before they open their mouths wide in laughter.

Laughter Has A Bad Effect On Your Face. Try Whining

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

Taunting gestures are one way to put up a good comeback when someone laughs at you.

This comeback lets them know that although laughter is known to brighten up people’s faces when they grin from ear to ear, theirs is far from it. Their jaws will immediately drop in awe of what you said.

Are You Done Being Insensitive? I Think We Can Now Get Back To Business

When someone laughs at you because they are amazed at what you said, although you were serious about it, it’s good you give them some space to express their insensitivity. When they take a pause, ask them if they are done and will get serious now.

Consider Being Reasonable Sometimes; It’ll Help You

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

If things go as seen from a shallow point of view, when someone laughs at you, especially over something they shouldn’t laugh at, they are being unreasonable because they have failed to see the real intent of it.

Your response to this kind of person should be nothing less than the actual truth. They are being unreasonable about things, and this is unhelpful to them.

How Did I End Up With You?

If laughing at people isn’t consistent with your character, it can be surprising to realize that your close buddy exhibits such an annoying trait. In this case, a good comeback would be to show your surprise at their behavior.

You’ll Never Find Someone Like Me

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

It can be disheartening if someone laughs at you because you exhibit some quirky traits. This is because you are being made fun of because you were being your real self.

Hence, instead of cringing at their gesture, let them know that you are unique the way you are and they’ll never find someone like you.

What Validates Your Laughter? Are You Better Than Me?

In most apparent cases, when someone laughs at another, it is because they consider themselves better than them.

They use it as a way of making fun of them just because they are not on the same level, probably monetary or in fame.

This in itself is a personality disorder, and if someone’s making you feel this way, do not hold back from letting them know. They are not, as they see themselves.

It’s Really Not Funny. How Do Your Parents Cope With A Fool Like You?

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

Some people who laugh at others are likely to do so at home as well. A good comeback for this kind of person is to give them the idea that their parents are the real heroes because of how they are able to cope with their excesses.

Your Laughter Is An Obvious Reflection Of Your Insecurity

Just as some laugh at others because of their sense of humor, others do so to soothe their insecure feelings.

On that note, you should remind them (if they haven’t already) that they aren’t acting happy because it was just a ruse to hide their insecurities.

The Vast Majority Of The Animals Laugh, But Hyenas Laugh At Everything

It becomes disturbing when someone laughs at every little thing you do, not considering whether it is worth the grin or not.

With this comeback, you are letting them know that reasonable people always have a reason to laugh, but guys like these will laugh at every little thing.

It Seems You Have A Special Attraction But Don’t Know How To Communicate It

Laughing at someone is a way to get their attention. If you feel the person likes you and won’t stop their constant grinning at your face just so they can get your attention, take them by surprise by revealing how they actually feel about you.

You Can Laugh All You Want. I Definitely Will Have The Last Laugh!

When someone laughs at you because they feel they are doing much better than you are, they think only of the present.

Hence, this is a good time to let them know that there may be change soon to come and you’ll have the last laugh.

What A Dumb Way To Channel Your Annoyance!

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

A reasonable way they could have channeled their disposition toward you is by engaging you in a conversation about it.

However, since they have chosen to do it the other way round, which is the dumb way, they’ll laugh at you with their mouths wide open and talk behind your back.

When dealing with such people, do not hesitate to talk about their dumb approach to venting their anger.

Does My Progress Hurt You This Much?

One thing haters will always do to pacify their obsession with you is to laugh as though they aren’t envious of you. They laugh at you, making it seem like you are the one who has a problem, as they don’t just like the advancement you are making.

You ought to put such people in their rightful place and not pet their evil traits. Assertively ask them if your progress has harmed them, and observe their confusion.

Your Laughter Can Scare A Deer. They’d Think A Lion Was Close

Just as some people make alluring sounds when they laugh, others make horrible sounds when giggling. These are either just too loud people or their intention is to make a joke of you.

In regards to this, you can let them know how horrible they sound and also that they confuse people about the word “laughter.” Because all they do is screech in an annoyingly loud way.

I Guess I Got Un-serious At Some Point, And That’s Why We Got This Close

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

You make friends with people who have a similar disposition toward certain things as you.

Hence, if the person who keeps laughing at you won’t refrain because he enjoys doing it, it possibly means you were unserious at some point and that is why you have him close.

At this point, all you need to do is simply admit it.

Why Are You Like This? It’s A Pretense To Laugh When You Are Hurt

People always have amazing ways of showing their hatred toward you. One striking example is how they leave you clueless with their pretentious laughter.

However, if you realize that the real intent behind a person’s laughter at you is not the picture they give, affirm their hate towards you. Do not hide it, or else you are both no different.

It Would Have Been Enjoyable To Laugh Back At You, But I Am Way More Mature Than That

Comebacks For Someone Who Laughs At You

Although one comeback, as stated in the course of this article, is replying “ha ha ha”, this has a similar effect to not laughing back at all.

Don’t consider it a counterfeit to the validity of this comeback. When someone laughs at you, they expect some form of reaction from you. Giving them such a reaction only makes you come down to their immature level.

Since you are mature, you need to show it. While you show it by not repeating the same phrase, let them know it is because of your level of maturity and nothing less.


To bring this article to a wrap, I would love you to note that each comeback loses its effect if used in the wrong context.

For this reason, I have given a detailed explanation of when you can use each of these comebacks. I believe you gained insight. Thanks for reading through.

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