30 Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

At face value, calling a person childish seems to be an insult. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that some people don’t shy away from being called childish since they feel growing up is a trap.

However, whichever category you belong to, it is important to know the appropriate remark to give to someone who calls you childish. And that is what this article is all about.

So, read on to know 30 good comebacks when someone calls you childish.

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

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30 Comebacks For Being Called Childish

Your response when someone refers to you as childish can be two-sided. It could be rebuking them or confirming their comments.

There is a long list of remarks you can make to someone who calls you childish. You can see some samples underneath.

Thank You, Oldie, For Making Me Feel Younger

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

When someone calls you childish, they are trying to attribute your character to that of a child. Most likely because they are older than you and expect you to behave as mature as they would.

Let them know that their retort didn’t really make you feel negative, but that it made you feel younger because only older people are expected to behave in that manner.

Adult Is Judgmental (you), While Kid (me) Is Innocent

When replying to someone who has outright called you childish, it is important you let them know the innocence in the behavior of kids. No matter what kids do, they never think it’s wrong because of the innocent intent with which they act.

I Saw Your Portrait At The Museum With Adam And Eve

There is a manner in which someone calls you childish non-stop as if you did something as a toddler would. If that happens over and over again, you can channel your anger using the “I saw your portrait at the museum with Adam and Eve comment.”

On hearing this, they would think twice that although they see themselves as far older and more mature than you are, they are not as experienced as they think.

Well, I Tried To Be Born Earlier. It Just Didn’t Work Out

A statement like this would keep someone who calls you childish silent. If someone quite older or even the same age as you refers to you as childish because you love to do things your own way, you shouldn’t give in to him or her, especially if your values don’t tally with it.

So, simply admit that they were born earlier and, as a result of that they are so experienced. You can add that you wish you were also born earlier so you could behave more maturely as they would approve.

What Point Are You Trying To Make?

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

This response is most suitable when someone calls you immature during an argument or when you cannot put words together to express the shock you feel about someone calling you immature.

Although at first, calling you immature sounds like an insult, you should calm down a bit to understand what they mean so you can react accordingly.

If they mean you are nosy or speaking when you are not supposed to, then you’ll take note and make a resolution on how to act next time.

That’s Why We Understand Ourselves Quite Well

Most of the time, people hang around with people they are like or want to be like. This is why if someone very close to you calls you childish, your response should be direct.

If they were different, they wouldn’t have hung around you for so long. As simple as this sounds, it is very accurate.

Oh Thanks, I’ll Let Go Of Any Childishness And Get Some Maturity When You Grow Up

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

When someone calls you childish, it could be an emotional ploy to get you to give up your idea or point of view. If you hammer on a matter for so long and someone else doesn’t buy your idea, looking away from any other name to call you, they may refer to you as childish.

This may cause others to see your idea in a different light as if the creator is inexperienced. When things happen, you can simply say to them, “Oh thanks, I’ll let go of any childishness and get some maturity when you grow up.”

I Never Expected An Experienced Fellow Like You To Be This Naive

Someone can brag about their lack of exposure as being childish because things are not necessarily done as strictly as they were done centuries ago.

And because a lot of people do not want to give up the archaic things they know, they may call you childish when you come up with yours.

At this point, you may be surprised as to why they may say such a thing, but with your background knowledge of their naive attitude as the reason why, you express your dissatisfaction by saying, “I never expected an experienced fellow like you to be this naive.”

The Last Time I Checked, We Were Both 20 Years Old. When Did We Become Toddlers?

This response is most appropriate for your age mate. Although you are of the same age, it doesn’t mean you are at the same pace when it comes to maturity.

But at the same time, you shouldn’t watch like a dummy while he always tramples on your identity because they know or think they know better.

If they always act with pride, you can say, “The last time I checked, we were both 20 years old.” “When did we become toddlers?” to bring down their ego.

You Are The Same Age As Your Mouth, But Your Brain Still Feels Like That Of An Embryo

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

When someone who acts in a childish manner calls you childish, don’t refrain from telling them what you think about their attitude, as this may bring about a change.

However, you should say it in a very serious manner so they don’t think that you are backlashing them or trying to get good revenge.

Is This What You Insecure People Do? Go About Making People Feel Less Of Themselves

The issue of building healthy self-esteem cannot be overemphasized. When people don’t, it doesn’t just affect them but also the people around them.

In a situation where someone you have noticed to have unhealthy self-worth calls you childish, there is a tendency that their insecurity has begun to manifest.

When this happens, simply tell them to cease feeling insecure and try to make others feel the same way.

You Will Soon Develop An Incurable Blood Pressure Since You’ve Resolved To Take Life Too Hard

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

There are people who specialize in calling people annoying names. Most of them may not get the best out of life since they have decided to embrace the difficult aspects of it.

So, when you try to have fun once in a while, they see it as childish. They simply want you to take things overly seriously all the time and, if possible, not smile, laugh, or even play at all.

Yes, I Am 25, But I Choose To Behave Younger Than My Age. Act Like You Don’t Have A Problem With That Either

Everyone has a reason for their actions. In your case, you can let it out. If someone calls you childish, tell them the reason why you behaved in that manner.

Meanwhile, you are not explaining it to get their approval, just doing so to give them an idea of your intent. And if you choose to, you can ask them if they have a problem with that.

Your Comment Didn’t Hurt Me In Any Way. Try Something More Taxing

Referring to you as childish could be an attempt to hurt your feelings. When you notice that someone calls you childish once, twice, or more just to make you feel bad about yourself, you shouldn’t keep quiet. It means a lot and can cause you to have doubts about yourself if allowed to persist.

Since the person calls you childish in order to cause you to feel sad, tell them that you are not hurt. They should try something more challenging.

Pardon Me, You Are Acting More Immaturely Here

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

People can impart their wrong attitudes to others, intentionally or unintentionally. When they do, you can respond to them respectfully by saying, “Pardon me, you are acting more immaturely here.”

This response is also appropriate for someone that is older than you are.

People Who Are Mature Don’t Act Silly Like You

You can imagine someone who behaves like they need a brain reset calling you childish. It can be so annoying to the extent that you may not be able to gather the right words to respond to them immediately.

You can simply say, “People who are mature don’t act silly like you.” This will awaken them to the fact that they must first examine themselves before passing judgment on others.

You Are Only Good At Judgement And Have A Big Head Like You Bother To Know My Needs

It is so unfortunate that many people only care about themselves without considering what others are going through.

These kinds of people, they specialize in fault-finding. They also do not fail to comment on every minor error you make.

If someone who doesn’t know nor care about the reason why you do or don’t do something calls you childish, don’t stop getting upset.

Put it to them that, ”You are only good at the judgment and have a big head like you don’t bother to know my needs.”

You Don’t Always Fail To Spill Lies, Even Now

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

Since you know yourself pretty well, you know if you behave maturely or not. Although at times, you may not be able to criticize or judge your abilities as well as others will, you should be aware of yourself to a large extent.

So, if someone calls you immature and you are not, simply tell them that they are telling lies.

I Prefer To Wallow In My Immaturity Rather Than Behave Like You, A Full-fledged Adult

Before you begin to consider someone’s description of you as childish, don’t forget that some people claim to be adults, but they are truly not.

To add to that, some people think that they have reached the peak of their growth and they’ve got all the experience they will need to be successful.

If someone who acts like that calls you immature, don’t fail to say, “I prefer to wallow in my immaturity rather than behave like you, a full-fledged adult.”

Shut Up. I Don’t Cry Like A Baby In Tough Situations Like You Did Yesterday

It is so annoying when someone calls you a name that fits perfectly. When someone who frightens and cries over little things calls you childish, your remark to them should be that you are much more resilient than they are in tough situations.

See Who Is Talking

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

Don’t be surprised if someone who looks up to you or seeks your counsel calls you childish. In this case, it is different from the norm.

On a normal day, you will be expected to give a very tough remark, but your comment should be simple and your non-verbal language should be striking as you say, “See who is talking.”

A Dummy Like You Will Always Joke About Everything

In order to invoke a playful part of you, someone can call you childish. If the situation at that time or the scenario warrants that you act seriously, then come out plain and say, “You mustn’t joke about everything.”

I Will Simply Take This Statement To Be A Joke

It is possible that you are very strict, but even at that, you allocate time to your social life as well. In the process of having fun, someone can call you childish.

Inasmuch as that statement would have spoiled your moment, you can just wave it off and take it as a joke.

Yeah, Exactly Like You

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

One of the best remarks to give people is what they call you. Although it depends, in this case, if someone calls you childish, accept it wholeheartedly and admit that you are just like them.

Is That Your Definition Of Me?

People always have their own notions of the kind of person you are. And when someone calls you childish, it is possible to think that that is their idea of you. Anyway, you may not be so sure, so try to ask.

Why Insult Me When You Can Correct Me?

It is possible that you are doing something the wrong way and that is why someone refers to you as childish. In that state of ignorance, calling you childish won’t bring a change, nor will it make anything better.

If you get to know that someone calls you childish for something you did in ignorance, you should put it to them that since they know that you are open-minded, they should have corrected you instead of the insult.

Someone Like Me, Who Thinks And Acts Rationally, Cannot Be Immature. Check Yourself Instead

Once in a while, you need to hype yourself and feel proud of your abilities. If you know in your heart of hearts that you act maturely and someone tells you that you act childishly, then someone like me, who thinks and acts rationally, cannot be immature. “Check yourself instead.”

It Would Have Been Most Appropriate If You Had Said, “I Am Amusing.”

Bringing entertainment can be misinterpreted as being childish. It depends on personal opinion.

As a comedian, someone who has acquired the ability to make people laugh, or a creative person who chases boredom away from their environment, someone can call you childish, judging from your actions.

But since you know that you are not, you can politely make them understand that you are simply entertaining and not childish.

I Like Me. Growth Is Not As Interesting As It Seems

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You Childish

Frankly speaking, there is a lot of work in adulthood. Again, it is true that the older you get, the more troubles you encounter. It could be that, as a result of that, you still adopt some of those childhood practices.

And since it is your choice, it is fine. So, justify your actions by saying that growth is not as interesting as it seems.

What Are You Thinking? Tell That To Your Toddler At Home

When someone calls you childish and you consider it an insult, you can say, “What are you thinking? Tell that to your toddler at home.”


In this article, some comebacks when someone calls you childish have been shared. However, if someone calls you childish, you may have to explain things more clearly to them as to why you behave that way.

And if you are sure that it was meant to be an insult, then let your reaction show that you disagree with that. I hope this article has done justice to explaining a few childish comebacks.

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