30 Good Comebacks For Haters

Can we ever stop having haters? I don’t think so either. Haters are just about everywhere. In place of living up to your potential, you are seen as a threat, and this constitutes hatred.

So also, when you have acquired some level of fame in your area of specialty. Let’s say music, art, acting, and so on. Social media has even made it easier for people to show their resentment through comments and reactions.

However, you can decide to wave off haters and their crazy attitudes. But in a case where they continually pick on you, you may want to consider giving them a comeback instead of a mere reply.

In this article, we will be looking at thirty good comebacks you can give to hate.

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30 Good Comeback For Haters

Below is a detailed list of thirty comebacks you can use for spiteful individuals. It also contains an explicit explanation of when you can use each comeback.

Hate Me All You Want. I Still Don’t Like You

Good Comebacks For Haters

Admitting to your haters that their hateful actions are acknowledged but won’t change your disposition towards them is one striking comeback you need to employ.

Excuse Me? Was I Meant To Be Offended?

The truth is you are prone to getting offended when hated by someone. Especially if the reason they gave you is unprecedented.

If you get offended, eventually, it means their plans have been pulled out. However, in a bid to give them a disappointing feeling, you ought to let them know that not even an iota of what they intended for you pulled through.

If Only You Knew You Looked With That Hateful Stare, You’d Sue Your Parents

Good Comebacks For Haters

You can’t separate a hateful person from a fateful look. The moment your haters give you that spiteful look, you should let them know how bitterness doesn’t look good on them.

However, they can keep it up if they don’t mind looking horrible for your sake.

No One Is Going To Jail You For Being Hateful, So You Are Free To Go

One troubling reaction you can give your haters is the freedom to keep hating you. It tells them how their actions to make you flinch were all wasted.

I Would Have Been More Concerned If Someone Better Hated Me

This is a good comeback to let your haters know that they have a low profile and don’t consider them eligible to hate on you.

It’s Better You Allow Me To Think You Hate Me Than Foolishly Prove It

Good Comebacks For Haters

Haters will employ every means possible to exhibit their hatred towards you. They let the bitterness in their hearts override their behavior because, at that point, they do not care how they foolishly express the resentment they have towards you.

This is a good comeback to make them cringe.

Silence Is The Best Sound You Could Ever Make

Haters are never quiet. Their spiteful and aggressive words are a way through which they express the resentment in their hearts. Giving them this comeback is a way to shut them up.

I Considered Planting My Fist In Your Chin, But I Don’t Want To Make You Look Better

Haters always have that awful facial expression intended to communicate their hateful disposition towards you. Making fun of their looks is a good comeback for such people.

Good Comebacks For Haters

Hatred Only Makes You Look Sick. Quick Recovery

As much as hatred is a show of one disposition towards another, its effects are felt majorly by the hater. It, therefore, transcends from just hatred to anger, arrogance, and evil.

All these and more are harbored by the one who hates. You can simply tell them how unhealthy hatred makes them feel.

If Only A Tortoise That Can Run Faster Than A Hare, I Would Consider Why You Hate Me. But It’s Going To Take Forever

We all know how impossible it is for a tortoise to run and beat a hare in a race. This is a stern way to tell your haters how impossible it is to get you to care about how they feel about you.

People Like You Spend Their Lifetime Hating On Others And Achieve Resentment In The End

Unfortunately, most haters do not have a happy ever after because their efforts to pull someone down with their hatred went south. As a result of this, they will be miserable and full of resentment in the end.

You can deliver this retort as candid advice and let them decide whether or not to continue their journey to misery land.

Hating On Me Because I Have More Money Than You, Won’t Put Any In Your Bank Account

Good Comebacks For Haters

You should let your haters know that while they keep hating on you, it doesn’t reduce your net worth; rather, it decreases theirs. This is because it disrupts their thinking and makes them less productive.

So, even if they hate you because you have more money than they do, it doesn’t change anything about you, but it does change many things about them.

You Are Just A Reflection Of Your Friends. Y’all Go Around Hating On Others To Appease Your Insecurity

Good Comebacks For Haters

Funny enough, people can inherit some form of hatred from their friends. They choose to hate whoever their friends hate and root for whoever their friends love. This is a way through which they appease their insecurities.

Therefore, they stand their ground to seem right even if their reason for hating you isn’t sensible. This is a good comeback you can use to tackle such people.

I Would Have Cautioned Your Hateful Traits, But I’ll Leave That To Your Parents

Parents, they say, are the first teachers of a child. You shouldn’t expect to get lovely gestures from someone whose parents have instilled the need to hate others in their minds.

It is possible your hater learned their spiteful behavior from their parents, and they wouldn’t really take you seriously if you kept talking to them about it.

You’ll get their attention when you trace their inhumane character to its root cause, which is their parent.

You Obviously Can’t Hide The Fact That My Progress Makes You Feel Miserable

Good Comebacks For Haters

Hatred mostly emanates from jealousy. It can be envious of someone else’s progress or even their looks. Before this jealousy transcends into hatred, they feel miserable about themselves or their current position.

Hence, they can no longer hide it and, as such, will bear grudges in their hearts against you.

Even if I give you all I have, it won’t deter the hatred you have for me, so ride on

If you keep trying to please everyone just so they don’t hate you, you may end up giving them your life because that’s what some people earnestly desire.

Therefore, since you can’t please everyone, you shouldn’t really care how they feel about you. Also, ensure that you also communicate it to them, letting them know that since they have proven hard to please, they can keep on with the hate.

A Narcissist Like You Should Vent Your Anger Toward People Of Your Kind

Good Comebacks For Haters

Hatred is one trait of a narcissist. They can hate you for no viable reason, or better yet because they want to make you feel bad about yourself.

This is a good way to let them know that normal-thinking people won’t harbor such a level of hate against their fellow humans.

I Don’t Expect Any Better From A Toxic Person Like You

When you identify a toxic person, you are keen to see their next toxic action. Hatred is one of them. Letting a toxic person know that their actions are no surprise because you already expected them beforehand, is a good comeback.

They may give up on hating you because they know you better than every other spiteful scheme of theirs.

I Cautioned Myself, Thinking I Was The Problem, But It Is Your Personality, So Fix It

Good Comebacks For Haters

It’s understandable to do a self-check after noticing someone’s hatred towards you. However, you may realize they are the ones who should undergo a personality assessment because you haven’t done anything with the hate.

Hence, you can simply relate it to their fault and not yours.

I Would Have Taken It More Seriously If It Were My Dog Who Hated Me. With You, It’s Just A Waste Of Time

You can give a good comeback to someone who hates you by making a light comparison between them and your pet. This gives them the idea that you have better things to care for than their spiteful actions.

They would be disappointed to know that all their efforts to get to you were futile.

You Don’t Need To Sit Your Kids Down And Lecture Them About Hatred. You Radiate It Already

Good Comebacks For Haters

This is a good comeback for someone who has extreme hatred for people. They never want to see the positive aspects of others because they are preoccupied with their flaws.

Hence, a good comeback for such people is to let them know how obvious their hateful habits are and how they can easily have an effect on their kids. This is valid whether or not they have kids.

It Feels Like Hatred Is Your New Cologne. It Makes You Stink Wherever You Go

This comeback helps to reset your haters’ minds. It shows how their hateful traits can’t be hidden. You can go as far as explaining to them how other people avoid them because they have seen hatred written all over their countenance.

This may cause them to retrace their steps or build more resentment towards you because they are nothing more than haters.

I Feel Pity For You Because The Reason You Hate Me Has Eaten You Up So Deeply, And I Don’t Give A Fuss About It

This is a good comeback for haters because it’s nothing but the absolute truth. Their hate for you consumes them deeply. However, you are also trying to let them know that you don’t care how far they go hating on you.

Especially in situations where they begin to infest other people with hatred toward you.

Hating Me Doesn’t Affect Me. I Still Won’t Change

Good Comebacks For Haters

When you don’t behave in the way a person desires, even after many attempts, they will tend to hate you. This is because they want you to come to terms with them and have control over you.

They begin to hate you because your desires didn’t pull through. Hence, you should let such haters know that they can keep hating you because you won’t bend to their decisions.

Ever Seen A Thief Robbing An Empty House? You Won’t Hate Me If I Wasn’t This Valuable.

A person who exhibits hatred towards you would do that because you are a threat to them. It could be at your place of work, where you exhibit your uniqueness in your job.

Hence, you become a threat to them, and for this reason, they hate you. A good comeback to such haters is to show them you know they don’t hate you for any just cause.

Since You’ve Chosen To Vent Your Frustration Through Hatred, Enjoy!

Good Comebacks For Haters

Your haters live with so much anger and resentment towards you because you are a reflection of what they should have been. They see you living up to your potential and they know you are not.

To this effect, there would be an outburst of frustration, which would result in hatred for you. A comeback like this sounds a little casual, but it sure lets them know that they are the problem and not you.

I Thought You Were Better Than This. I Never Knew You Were Such A Coward.

A confident person will own up to telling you about your flaws, which they find unpleasant. However, a coward doesn’t have such nerves and, since they can’t speak up, they keep building up resentment in their hearts, which eventually leads to ferocious hatred toward you.

Hence, your haters are cowards, and you shouldn’t hesitate to call them out.

Why Not Hate On Someone In Your Class? They’ll Give You More Attention

Good Comebacks For Haters

Haters are attention seekers. You’ll find some of them spitting out their hatred towards celebs on the streets of social media. The most thrilling part is that they don’t get the attention they need, and this makes them cringe.

So, next time you find someone who detests you, simply advise them to hate on someone in their class because they’ll never get the attention they desire from you.

You Hate Yourself Even More

Good Comebacks For Haters

If you ever find someone hating you, it is because they hate themselves in the first place. You may notice that you can’t really do anything to pacify their anger toward you.

Hence, there is no point in trying to be all soft about it. You should clearly point out to them the source of their hatred toward you.

It Is Said That The Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes. This Is True Because Your Friends Who Tolerate You Are The Real Heros

No one would love to have a friend who radiates so much hatred towards people. However, some friends tend to tolerate themselves for the sake of their relationship.

A good comeback for your haters is to commend their friends who put up with your inhumane traits.


So there you have it, thirty comebacks you can use to tackle anyone who radiates so much hate towards you. Although you can choose to let go by being all quiet, haters will stop at nothing to wreck your life.

Therefore, in order to not give them this liberty, you need to own your life. Thank you for reading through to this point. I am pretty sure you enjoyed reading through this article.

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