30 Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

Most of the time, being called or referred to as ‘young’ carries a derogatory tone. In other words, if someone calls you young, depending on the context, it is normal to perceive it to be rude.

It may mean that the person is trying to insult you and make their impression known of your immaturity. The next time someone uses that word on you, it is not advised to stoop to their level and start calling them names.

Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

Instead, it is best to reply with a comeback that will either make them realize you are mature or make them regret underestimating you.

You may be tempted to prove that you are not ‘young’ and immature by doing something physical, but a lot of scores can be settled by just the words you say to them in response.

When someone calls you young, the following comebacks are great to give as a response that will throw the person off the rail.

1. Thank you oldie, you make me feel younger

The next time someone calls you young in a derogatory manner, and you give this response, it makes them instantly regret calling you such. It is much better to feel younger than to feel older.

They have made the mistake of putting you on the better side, so do a nice job of throwing them on the other side.

2. You’re young once, but you can be immature forever

This is another smart way to talk down on someone whose initial desire was to talk you down.

When someone calls you young for acting in a particular way or to emphasize that you are not grown up enough to engage in some activities, you can give them this response for a mic-dropping moment.

3. Young is innocent (me), Youngish is immature (you)

By giving this response, you are making the person’s situation a lot worse than what they assume you to be.

Yes, they must have said you are young in their perspective, but when you reply with this, you are sending the message that even while you are young, you are still more grown up than them.

4. My grandchildren say the same thing

This is a sarcastic and humorous response to opt for. If you want to prevent entering an awkward situation with the person after he or she must have called you young, you can laugh it off by saying the above.

It makes it look like you are happy to feel young. You don’t necessarily have to have grandkids before using this comeback.

5. Guess what, while reading about stone-age, I remembered you, how did you make it here?

If the person had the mind to call you young, you should not think twice to make the person feel too old.

As mentioned earlier, it is much more pleasing to feel younger than to feel older. Use this to your advantage by giving the above sarcastic response.

Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

6. My maturity level depends on who I’m with

This is another interesting response to give to someone who calls you young. When you say this, you are indirectly sending the idea that they are immature and for them to understand you, you have to play at their level.

It makes the situation about them more than it is about you.

7. I saw your photo at the museum….with Adam and Eve

Replying with someone hilarious, and with the right countenance always works for a great comeback.

The next time someone says you are young, and you give them this reply, you are making fun of them in a sarcastic way. It is effective enough to throw the conversation into a light note.

8. I’m not immature for having emotions

When you look at the context in which the person had called you young and you realize their judgment is as a result of your stances on a particular thing, this response becomes handy.

By giving this response, you are also showing that what they think about you doesn’t bother you.

10. If I’m young, I’m pretty sure you’re not born yet

When someone says you are young to intimidate you, you can defend yourself verbally and make them feel like the kid in the situation. For more impact, ensure you communicate it with a bold countenance and tone.

Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

11. Thanks for the compliment

One of the ways you can further irk someone who is trying hard to get under your skin with offensive remarks is to show them that you see their opinion as a compliment as opposed to what they expected.

The next time someone calls you young, you could show them that you’d prefer to see it as a compliment – evidence of good living.

12. I have good genes

Sequel to the above comeback, telling someone you have good genes after they must have called you young is a smart way to shut them down.

When you give this response, you are changing the narrative of the remark from your perceived kiddish character to your healthy well-being.

13. I think making assumptions about people is rather immature

When someone calls you young, it could be that they are speaking based on the assumption of your personality. They have not known you well enough to determine things you can pull off and things that are above your bandwidth.

So let them know they are the one who is immature in making assumptions about you.

14. How old do I have to be?

You could pose this question when someone says you are young. Chances are the person would reply with a specific age.

That is where this response serves as a trap. The end game is to make the person mention a ballpark age, after which you will make jest of the person’s judgment of who a young person should be called. Age is just a number.

15. Everyone is allowed to be sometimes

If you are going to pull off the Thomas Shelby kind of reply, this is the right comeback. You don’t necessarily have to give a response that revolves around the cons of being young.

Make it sound like a general phenomenon that will make you sound right to be young.

Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

16. I’ll give you time to get over it

This response works well in a situation where, as a guy, you approach a lady and they tell you that you are too young for them.

It could be at the bar or a party. Simply tell them that you will give them time to get over it, then check your wristwatch twice and say “that’s it, you must have gotten over it, so we can proceed.”

17. How old are you?

The next time someone calls you young, you could ask them their age. Chances are they’d want to tell you to prove that they are well above you.

When they tell you their age, no matter the number, they are most likely not above 80 (depending on the person). Then you say, “C’mon, and you make it sound like you are 80 or something”.

18. You have no idea

You can simply tell the person that they have no idea after they must have called you young. By saying this, you are sending the message that what they have witnessed that made them perceive you to be young is just the tip of the iceberg and there is more to you than that. It makes you come off confident and bold.

19. Yeah, I get that all the time. I guess it’s a blessing

Again, you would be disappointing them if you make it sound like a compliment. When someone calls you young, and you make it sound like you are happy to see that as a compliment, then their mission to talk down on you is failed.

20. Sorry that I’m not uptight and snobby like you

When you see that you’re being called young by someone that wants to make you feel down and intimidated, you can say this as a snappy comeback to make the person feel like they are missing out on being young.

It also puts you on the advantage side of the conversation no matter the context.

Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

21. One of man’s greatest mistakes is underestimating people

This is a very witty response that sounds like a wise saying. The context in which the person has called you young may be that they underestimate you and perceive you to be too young to do something or engage in an activity.

You can prove them otherwise with this clever saying.

22. It’s rather immature of you to judge a book by its cover

When people are underestimated or called young, the common thing they are likely to say is “don’t judge the book by the cover” however, you can use the literary term to make the person feel intimidated in return.

Make them know that it is immature for them to underestimate you.

23. That’s just what boring people say to describe fun people

This is another clever way to put a spin on the situation and make them feel the pain of missing out on being the ‘young’ that they perceive you to be. When someone says you are young, make it sound like they are boring and square.

24. Tell it to my joints

This is a sarcastic and hilarious way to let people know you are not getting younger and that you are grown up enough to make decisions on your own.

It is a snappy comeback to give someone who repeatedly tells you that you’re young.

25. And so?

This response is by far the most convenient comeback to give people when they say things that are initially tailored to get to you.

When you pose this question, you are sending the impression that you don’t care about their opinion of you. And that being young is no deal breaker.

Comebacks For When Someone Calls You Young

26. So grown-ups aren’t allowed to have fun?

The next time someone calls you young, perhaps, with other terms such as childish or kid, you can ask them this question to shut them up.

It makes sense to think that everyone should be allowed to have fun. Freedom of expression works every time for a comeback.

27. Says the one who…

This is another smart way to get back at someone. When the person says you are young, reply with “says the one who” then you add an experience where the person had, in the past, acted childish or behaved in a manner that only a young person would.

The level of the playground makes the situation about them.

28. The young one who works, pays bills, etc

The person calls you young to make you feel inferior despite knowing that you have come of age. You can prove them otherwise by listing a few things you take responsibility for – things that adults are expected to shoulder.

29. Fake news

This is another quick and brilliant response to give when someone says anything about you that you don’t like or you don’t believe to be true.

When they say you are young, debunk that by saying fake news in an exclamatory tone.

30. Better than looking older

No doubt, people would prefer to look younger than to look older. So the next time someone says you are young, make it sound like a compliment. It would make them feel defeated.

If you think about it, being called young is better than being called older. The former sounds like a compliment when compared to the latter. Still, it boils down to the context and manner in which the person says you are young.

In the offensive tone, nobody likes being called young or being called a kid. No matter the word used for its substitute; it could come off as an unpleasant remark.

In the above article, we have explored 30 different ways that you could respond to being called ‘young’ to ensure that nobody talks down on you.

On the other side of the spectrum, if it is multiple people calling you young, then chances are you need to improve. This is different from when it is coming from someone, perhaps a verbal bully, and you need to stick it to them.

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